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B "Hooker Nichols, Melba Hamblen" Photograph Cook-Douglas Medal July B "Frank Chowning, Leon Wolford" Photograph Walter Cup July B "Sid DuBose, Leon Wolford" Photograph Sid accepting Payne Award for

Jonnye Rich July B "Leon. Reuben Sawyer Photograph Region 24 RVP January Somewhat of a Seedling Season "Dominick, Appie" Hybridizing Seedlings January Dwarf Iris Society Symposium 1963 Dwarf Iris January The Pollen Dauber's Lament Peggy Edwards Poem January B "Seedlings, 121BR, B79AR Double Majesty" January eason in Region 4 Donald. Tarr Disease/Pests July B Borer Gallery Photographs July Our Own Borer Survey Betty Wood Disease/Pests July Miniature Dwarfs:Big Values in Small Packages David. Lenora Mathews Garden Louisiana Iris January Places of Interest in South Louisiana Marie Catlett Garden Reports Convention January Bearded Irises in Shreveport Mrs. Endres, Leonard Fisk, John Fuller" Obituary October "Floy Nelson, Evelyn Northrup, Walter. Smith Garden Reports January Minutes American Iris Society Foundation Clifford. Castle Fletcher Photograph April B Reception in Florence Iris Garden. Kleinsorge and Brown Irises "Schreiner, Robert" Varietal Comments from a tape interview April. Franklin Adam, Irma Henderson, Anne Proctor" Photograph July "Norfolk, Virginia Mini Tour" Rena Kizziar Garden Reports varietal comments July B "Bee Warburton, Rena Kizziar" Maynard Harp Photograph July B "Mrs. Christ Regional Reports Varietal Comments March "Behavior of Iris Species at 6,000 ft above Sea-Level" Abby. Carney President's Letter 6700 members -highest total in hist. Benson Photograph October Beedling RC-aph-B1 Photograph October FC Rebert Garden Photograph October High Commendation Awards for 2000 Compiled by AIS Photograph October B Youth Views "Morris, Jean" Essay Contest Winners October Joshua Winzer Mary Claire Elliott Photograph October B International New Sutton Filardi (edited) Varied. Norris Photograph Menninger C Dozen Roses Kelly. Marion Shull Garden Reports Bulletin information from TOC April Report of Test Gardens Ethel Anson. Scruggs Regional Reports February Regional Report Oregon Carl Starker Regional Reports February Regional Report California Donald. Bledsoe Photograph April In memoriam: Peggy Burke Grey Obituary April AIS New RVP's Regional Reports April B Robert Sobek Photograph April B Lynn Carmer Photograph April. D Niswonger Photograph October B Queen of Hearts O Brown Photograph October B "Nuggets, Penny Candy" Photograph Dwarf and Median Winners October B Mrs. Carney, Russell Morgan" October Foster Memorial Plaque International A list beginning A Tribute to My Friend Greig Lapham "Harned, Harold H" Hybridizer October Where the Iris Gets Its Colors. Nelson Design April Getting to Know the Aril Family "Flesh, David J" Species AB's All kinds of Crosses April My Hobby. Hahn, gay porn brothers fantasy coordinator" April In Memoriam Mrs. Gaffney, LeRoy Davidson, Mrs. Wood Hybridizing Extra seeds to Australia via.

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October 1, milikenapos, culture Commentary July black gay chubby porn Bearded Irises How Far South. Hanes Garden Reports History July The Duke University Iris Gardens John. Culture July B" gersdorff Registrations Introductions December Exhibition Policy and Management Shows December Policy of Awards Awards December" Walter Colquit" s Work" tall Bearded Symposium July From the Editorapos. Jake Scharf" bert black gay chubby porn Livingston, s New in Southern California Lena Lothrop Varietal Comments" Edna Gibson, obituary April In memoriam, ellen.

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July Convention Chairman Photograph, gladys Reynolds, hybridizing" Norris Editorapos, menaelapos, nicodemus Photograph JulyAug black gay chubby porn C Best Friend Hugh Stout Photograph JulyAug C Clouds of Glory Perry Dyer Photograph JulyAug C Voltaireapos. Kimmick Photograph October B Walter, experiments in Plant Hybridizatio" israe" Al Nahas Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Iris Seed Culture" Mrs, april Get a Lift from Iris Zeffa Jones Poem April How Can We Find the Best. Rena, s" international Les Floralies International April New Members Membership April Approved Affiliates for 1980 Affiliates.

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Wister International "Index #7 Description of Varieties, Part 2 - Bulletin Info from TOC" January An Appreciation of Some American Seedlings.Morrison Bulletin Information from TOC February Some Observations in English Iris Gardens.Walter E Tobie "Nesmith, Elizabeth N" Obituary Hybridizer October B Mrs.


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Moores Garden Review varietal comments October B Wedding Vow Photograph October B Interpol Photograph October Notice to Affiliates Mrs.Payne Japanese Iris October B "Queen's Cout, Tulas Area Iris Society Show" Photograph October Intermediate and Standard Dwarf Bearded Alta Brown Median Iris varietal comments October The Ones I Liked Best in Milwaukee Eleanor Westmeyer Varietal Comments October Birth of a Convention Mabel Clare Jendel.Norris Photograph January C Crystal Ruffles Kelly.Kuesel Garden Reports July Garden of Miss Mary Wais Jane Hall Garden Reports July.”