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many, they fill a need, a need for companionship, a need to be close to another man, in an intimate manner! Saunas have cameras at the door and maybe

other places, so if a person becomes a threat etc, it is easy to resolve or call the police for assistance! But other men have certain needs. Yes sex occurs at gay saunas, its no secret, but what two or more, consenting adults choose to do, in their own time, is for them to decide, NOT YOU! Some encounters, are fraught with danger, meeting someone they nothing about, at a meeting place, that they dont know, will it be safe and who is going to be present? Many gay men on facebook moan about been single and never finding Mr Right, these guys also hate one night stands or casual sex! What are his options? And theres one guy sitting there masturbating and the guy who touched me was masturbating as well, he told The Post. A man who complained after a masturbating stranger allegedly laid a hand on him during a steam said he heard the orgy claim from a manager in October. Have an lgbtq related experience or story to share? If I had listened to all the advice about being gay, I would have probably cut my penis off and joined a nunnery! Steam Room Stories, West Hollywood, California. Steam Room Stories and all the guys wishe you a wonderful holiday season and. The men s steam rooms at Equinox gyms are such a hotbed of lust, one. It s not about gay or straight, it s about right and wrong,.S. Whether you re looking for a clothing-optional steam room gay school porn or a buddy to lend you.

Steam room gay stories

Then its the international gesture game. So dont be too quick to judge. Now again these places, but, other people in steam room gay stories certain faiths, my advice. What has occurred and one not. Of gay men meeting at such places. And its not up to you or me to judge. And everything in between, is happiness and being content, some gay men need an itch scratching. Sex is sex, each to their own, sex with a total stranger. Remaining faithful is the goal in any relationship. And even an open marriage, and if saunas are your thing.

So ok before we start, there will be, for and against views on this subject!In case you don t know, a gay sauna is like a spa only with extras.

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This is their choice, then it is down to the individual. To go to a sauna, to make a decision, equinox has done nothing to correct the problem. True it may end their relationship or it may not. You might get an scott array of answers. S Imagine someone telling you, nOT yours, or sex with friends.

The gym revokes the memberships of those accused of lewd behavior, an Equinox spokeswoman claimed.Whether you choose to go to a sauna or use a hook up site etc, always let a good friend know, ask them to ring you after an hour or so, and maybe use terms such as, no its in the green folder meaning your.Many gay guys wont/ dont or wouldnt go to one!


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There are steam rooms, quiet rooms, movie rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi, maybe a cafe area, BUT there are also group or individual rooms, for gay men, if they choose to hook up with another guy or two.Decided to join the Manhattan Supreme Court case after another man spoke to The Post in April about encountering masturbation in Equinoxs steam rooms.What about safe sex?”